Charity Commission launches fraud resilience survey

The Charity Commission has launched a survey, aimed at helping to better understand both charities’ resilience to fraud and their levels of cyber security

The commission highlights the fact that fraud is a growing problem for the third sector, costing hundreds of millions, potentially billions, of pounds each year.

Roughly 70 per cent of all fraud is now committed online, meaning a charity’s valuable funds, operations, data and reputation can be at risk from a wide range of fraud and cyber-crime.

In partnership with the Fraud Advisory Panel, the Charity Commission has invited 15,000 charities, to take part in the survey, by completing a questionnaire.

Alan Bryce, Head of Development and Operational Intelligence at the Charity Commission said: This is a really important project that should significantly improve our understanding of what’s happening across the charity sector and shape our regulatory engagement, helping to build a stronger counter-fraud culture for the future. I urge those charities contacted to get actively involved and complete the questionnaire – your answers really will make a difference.

The Commission intends to publish the findings of the research later this year.