CHC provides caring touch to Carers Trust

Carers Trust EHHR is a local charity which provides support to unpaid carers in Havering, Redbridge, Epping and Harlow.  Carers’ needs are at the heart of everything Carers Trust does, ensuring that the enormous contribution carers make to those they care for and to society as a whole is fully recognised and valued.

The present-day charity, which follows the 2012 merger of Crossroads Care National and Princess Royal Trust for Carers, is based in Romford and has more than 100 personnel.

CEO Kathy Verges, explained how her business relationship with Clemence Hoar Cummings. She said: “We first started working with CHC as a result of a word of mouth recommendation, back in 1994.

“They had a very good reputation locally, so I got in touch and they have been our auditors ever since.

“We are fortunate to have an excellent working relationship with CHC’s partner, David Belbin. He and his team have always been extremely professional and obliging, providing us with business advice whenever we have required it.
“CHC were instrumental in developing and supporting our transition to SAGE, as well as supporting our complex finances transition post-merger. Throughout the process they were there to guide us and their depth of knowledge was superb.”

Kathy added: “As well as the CHC’s business undertakings, David and his team have been tremendously supportive of our charity and the work we do, both for and with our carers.

“There have been many occasions when CHC staff have given up their time by attending our fundraising events and have also endorsed our work to others in the community.

“The firm is not only professional but genuinely caring in its ethos too and I have already recommended CHC to a number of colleagues in the charity sector.”