How Clemence Hoar Cummings elevated Channel Meats through expertise and proactivity

Channel Meats, a meat supplier traditionally based in London’s famous Smithfield Market, has seen a surge in growth over the years – doubling its turnover from £17 million to £34 million in just five to six years.

The company has had its share of challenges, from pandemic disruptions to Brexit complexities. However, Paul Duplock, Financial Controller at Channel Meats, attributes some of their success to their partnership with Clemence Hoar Cummings (CHC).

Paul was seeking an audit opinion as part of new UK regulations around audits. A close contact recommended Clemence Hoar Cummings for the audit and accounts work.

Channel Meats also faced a year of unusual challenges, including planning for a complicated move from Smithfield to a new market in Dagenham, all while negotiating with the Corporation of London.

From the first meeting with David Belbin, it was evident that CHC would be a good fit for Channel Meats. “I was impressed with how knowledgeable they were and the firm’s ethos, which fit in well with our own approach,” says Paul.

CHC managed the transition from the company’s previous auditors flawlessly, keeping open lines of communication throughout the process. “The CHC team were very involved throughout, being proactive and very communicative. It gave me great confidence in their abilities,” says Paul.

Neil and Dan from CHC met Paul to discuss the essential segregation between accounts and audits.

The team’s proactive involvement has eased the stress for Channel Meats, especially during their dealings with the Corporation of London as they undergo negotiations for a move to a new site in Dagenham.

Paul turned to CHC for advice on these unique challenges and the impact on their accounts and tax position. “CHC took the stress off my back,” he says.

CHC also introduced their payroll services, convincing Paul that outsourcing was the ideal approach due to the benefits it offers.

The audit went smoothly, thanks to CHC’s rigorous examination of the finances. “The team proved brilliant in challenging the finances and digging deeper into them,” says Paul.

CHC not only carried out the required audit but also became a consultative partner for Channel Meats. They offered invaluable advice and took on additional services to ease the burden on the business. Their attention to detail and understanding of Channel Meats’ unique pressures has been exemplary.

Paul says he would happily recommend CHC to any other business in their position, citing their professionalism, knowledge, and proactive approach as key factors to their successful relationship.