‘Safe as houses’ with CHC’s expert team

Phoenix Community Housing Co-operative has been helping members of the local community for 35 years. As a fully mutual housing co-operative, it is a member-led organisation which aims to house single people on a low income, in the London area.

When Co-operative Manager, Colin Lock, joined Phoenix, back in 2004, Clemence Hoar Cummings were the existing auditors for the co-operative.

“The relationship was a successful one and things were running smoothly, so there was no need to implement a change,” said Colin.

“Although CHC, work with us primarily as our auditors, over the years we have turned to them for advice on a number of matters including staffing issues such as settlement agreements, as well as development and business planning.

“We have also sought their professional expertise when we have been faced with more challenging issues, including a downturn in the number of units, selling existing property and reducing staffing levels. We were very grateful for the clear and concise advice that David Belbin and the team at CHC provided, in expertly guiding us through the regulatory issues we were facing.”

He continued: “Phoenix is facing a positive future and we now have plans to develop and expand. We will definitely be looking to involve CHC as they will be crucial in providing professional assistance to help us realise our plans.

“I am pleased to say that we have an excellent working relationship with David and his entire team. Over the years they have helped to strengthen our business and as a result I have recommended them to a number of other housing associations.”