Workplace Pensions

Have you heard about workplace pensions sometimes referred to as auto-enrolment? It is the term for the automatic enrolment of employees into workplace pension schemes and it will affect all businesses.

Auto-enrolment has already started for larger organisations and by 2018, every business must operate a pension scheme for qualifying employees, with employee and employer contributions being paid.

We can help your business prepare and comply with auto-enrolment, providing help and guidance throughout the whole process; from helping you assess the cost for your company and managing your payroll function so that you are fully auto-enrolment compliant, to arranging for you to set up or review your pension arrangements.

We have prepared a free auto-enrolment pack, which includes a comprehensive guide to Auto Enrolment compliance and a useful FAQ Guide to answer all your auto-enrolment queries.

We achieve this by working with and through our associated company CHC Wealth Management Ltd to discuss with you the needs of your business,  and to consider whether the basic offering of pension provision provided through the auto-enrolment process is suitable for you and your employees or whether it is appropriate to enhance that provision with a suitable alternative provider. CHC Wealth Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and will take full responsibility for compliance with the requirements of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. Although Clemence Hoar Cummings does not receive income directly as a result of any introduction we make, as you would expect with any business in which we have an equity stake, we may benefit from any profits made by the company.

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