If you are an employer, you’ll know that payroll can be a problem. Not only must you calculate the correct tax and national insurance contributions from pay, but you may need to deal with other matters – like maternity and sick pay, student loan repayments and pensions – and taxable benefits, such as company cars.

A mistake could prove costly – there are also tight timetables for returning statutory submissions, with penalties for getting it wrong. More importantly, errors can lead to unhappy employees.

Whether you are a sole trader with one or two employees, or a large company with many staff, our fast, cost-effective payroll management service will remove the burden and leave you free to concentrate on running your business.

Our complete service includes:

  • Preparation of payslips
  • Full payroll analysis
  • Full costing and departmental analysis reports
  • Auto-enrolment processing and standard communications
  • Completion of on-line year end submissions and forms P60
  • Completion of forms P45
  • Flexibility – our payroll service caters for weekly, monthly or four-weekly pay periods, salaried and hourly paid employees, together with bonuses, bespoke additions and bespoke deductions
  • Convenience – payrolls can normally be returned within two working days of us receiving your information.
  • Full security arrangements

Payroll Specialist